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We can offer you

Tax, labour and accounting consultancy.

Gestiona+ can manage the accountancy and the taxation of your business, (either self-employed or companies), IRPF (income tax), Sociedades (Benefit tax), Annual Accounts and Official Books etc…

Gestiona+ We can come to your office, which is both more convenient to you and will enable you to organise and keep your files in order.

Gestiona+ manage Social Security, for employee and self-employed, loans, contracts (INEM and TC1, TC2)

Consultancy in new companies, budgets, financial analysis and supporting on the bank negociation.

Gestiona+will recommend you the best legal form for your business and we will complete all of your documentation.

Gestiona+will advise you during the budgeting stage as well as later during any analysis.

Gestiona+will support you during any bank negociation processes.