Treasury can seize the day box debtors premises open to the public opening hours of the business, as the agency explained in a meeting with reporters at the XXII Congress of the Professional Organization of State Tax Inspectorate (IHE ). This measure is within the special program to combat the underground economy by 2012, which includes the increased presence of the State Inspection companies, local business and other establishments or places where economic activities have been developed.
The possibility of seizing these local box is included in raising initiatives, among which also include the seizure of historic vehicles of high value and high displacement vehicles, control of debtors winners of lottery games that follow having debts with the IRS or in cases personaciones debtors declared inactive but alleged activity.
The director of the Tax Office, Beatriz Viana said that these measures are fully complementary to the Treasury for more sosfisticado on fraud and indicated that stem from a concern that is widespread in society about the economy is increasing, though it added that the Treasury does not have data to confirm those fears.